Richard Smalley F.I.Agr.E.

The original inventor of machines designed to reduce labour costs, provide safety and comfort for the operator, satisfy the requirements of the job and produce a machine that keeps its value

Design leader for over 50 years of innovative mobile machinery  in the field of   forestry, agriculture, construction and water supply. With the philosophy of designing a machine to do the job, giving the customer a valuable, efficient asset enjoying reliable technical support. Machines which are safer,  reduce labour costs, improve efficiency  and keep their value.

CAD design from concept to final product, including engineering drawings, specifications, bills of material, parts and owners manuals and technical files suitable for CE compliance.

Trouble shooting - investigating and providing proposed solutions to problems encountered in manufacturing and operating hydraulic mobile machinery.

Photographs show some of the products designed by Richard Smalley that have led their field in design and working capability.

Bio 50 Coppice Harvester

Latest deign from Richard Smalley. Capable of harvesting coppice and producing billets of wood fuel packed and ready for sale - a one man operation.

The result of many years of experience in designing niche market machinery starting with

The multi purpose Smalley 5 walking excavator universally acknowledged as the worlds first 'mini' excavator,

equally at home demolishing in a confined space as skipping around a building site digging out house foundations, or lifted by helicopter to those difficult to access sites           


Smalley 808 swamp drainage machine

An ultra low ground pressure designed to work in peat drainage but also used in most of the East coast states in USA for mosquito control.

This machine with its unique flexible track can access soft marshy ground beloved of mosquitoes , snakes, even alligators. removing tough phragmites reed, floating water hyacinth and allowing water to flow and drain naturally.


Smalley amphibious dredger range

The       track system

Designed to take forestry equipment such as wood chippers, tree harvesters and post hammers into those inaccessible places, such as hillsides, forestry ridge and furrow, swampy uneven ground 

Tilting table allows the engine and hydraulic equipment to work on a level plane.

Automatically locking track oscillation reduces driver discomfort and allows the machine access to slopes of up to 28degrees


Richard Smalley 2730 implement carrier. 

A machine for the future .

Basic implement carrier with outstanding climbing ability to be able to operate a range of attachments safely  on hillsides, railway, highway and reservoir embankments.

Radio remote controlled . Attachments include post hammer, stump grinder, flail mower, and rotary grass cutter.

Other  uses for this versatile machine include fire fighting on moorland and inside buildings  by using radio remote control operators are kept safely away from danger.

Radio remote controlled tree pruner, highly insulated to work around power lines, providing controlled tree pruning by being able to place severed branches carefully on the ground or other suitable receptacle.


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